What we do

Strive everyday to become the force that improves people’s lives by creating the best credit solutions and experiences for the underserved populations in emerging countries.

Customer Experience
We are reinventing the way we delight our customers. We deliver trust through extraordinary service at each interaction with the customer in a way that creates a sensation of warmth, love and loyalty.
Cutting Edge Technology & Analytics
We use science and novel technologies to our advantage: Through machine learning and big data, we generate algorithms that automatically assess credit risk with hundreds of thousands of unconventional data points.
We are seeking to impact positively everything that surrounds us. We want to become an ally that helps in the growth of our customers, our talent, our partners, our investors and the technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem where we belong.
About Us
Proudly, a Mexican startup. We began operations in 2012 and, since then, we have been growing exponentially while revolutionizing the global consumer lending industry.
Backed by the best investors of the World
We have raised $37M in venture and debt funding
A culture driven company
We bring authenticity to the table. We’re honest, upright, ethical, respectful, polite, tolerant and 110% attached to the law.
Relentless Dependability
Embracing the idea that everybody is counting on us and we need to deliver results, no matter what.
Emerging Ownership
Understanding that both, opportunities and challenges, belong to all of us. We set aside ego and personal interests for the benefit of the team.
Numbers, data and facts are the foundations of everything we do. When taking decisions, we’re very critical.
People Devotion
It’s all about each and every human being we coexist with. We strive for generating a trust-based experience with everyone and for everyone.
Creative Pragmatism
Thinking out of the box without losing our focus. We find the most clever, smart and practical way to connect the dots.
There’s no success without failure. We understand this and adapt to new situations easily. We’re patient and disciplined when looking for change.
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Some of our Benefits & Perks
Flexible working hours, including working from home
Liberty to decide when to take vacations
Stock Options
Major medical insurance
Food and drink
24 hours
Work with the funniest & most awesome people in the world
No dress code but
PLEASE, come dressed!
Nap room.
(For those sleepy moments)
Developer-creative oriented workspace
Ping pong table, nerf guns and a lot of different games
Where the brightest people meet
- Work with a world class talent team
- Make a direct positive impact in the lives of millions of people
- Work with the funniest & most awesome people in the world!
Work with us
Risk & Analytics
Client satisfaction
Quality comes from clean code and solid engineering principles. Work to deliver innovative products through rapid and continuous development. If you are looking for constantly challenging engineering processes and can deliver exceptional quality in a fast-paced, agile environment, we'd like to meet you.
Why Kueski?
- Work in an agile environment (structure is left up to each team).
- We don’t always agree with each other, but we share a common passion.
"I love to work at Kueski because of the competitive edge the company has. I also love Kueski because I have the ability to build and ship products that are changing the way users are using financial services in Mexico along with one of the greatest tech teams in the LATAM region."
Juan Manuel Sotelo
Head of Product
"Kueski challenges me every day, we never stop learning and the result of each person has a huge impact. It's great to see how the company has grown and feel that we are all part of that success."
Rodrigo Burgos
Tech Lead
Risk & Analytics
Machine learning and big data are taken seriously. Evaluate thousands of real-time data points to determine, within minutes, the credit risk of our customers while working with the best technologies such as spark, hadoop, multiprocessing, python, among others.
Why Kueski?
- Work along with one of the best data science teams.
- If you want to create, this is the place. We're looking for constant improvement and maintenance of our risk and fraud prevention models.
"I love working at Kueski because we implement state of the art technology in a challenging environment. There is always something fun to think about!"
Vidal Alcalá
Data Scientist SR.
"I enjoy working with technical issues that challenge involved mathematics, statistics and programming. Besides, I like to have creative freedom and direct access to all databases."
Pablo Dávalos
Data Scientist SR.
Client satisfaction
Work to maintain the loyalty and happiness of our customers. We specialize in service and understand that every client is unique. Focus on listening and providing solutions. Besides being the first contact with the client, the team creates, develops, and improves internal processes while providing valuable insights that directly impact risk and fraud models.
Why Kueski?
Work at a company that continues growing by leaps and bounds. Help improve and innovate processes to give customers the best service in Mexico.
"I love working on Kueski because I feel like home, with a beautiful and intelligent family. I love the madness and passion with which we all work. I love that we have no limits, Kueski is where we can put into practice all our skills and learn new every day. It is not difficult to get up in the mornings to go to work, it is exciting to think that will happen the next day."
Jorge Cabrera
Automation Lead
"Kueski is a place where the extent of your ideas defines you and where, constantly, you can ask how far would this project go? A place where if you put your mind, you can achieve incredible things, along with a group of people fully committed to achieve something greater than themselves every day."
Arturo Hernández
Client Satisfaction Manager
Interact closely with numbers, planning, regulatory quality (compliance) and talent attraction and retention. Work with the team responsible for managing finances, accounting, operations, legal, human resources and marketing. Help us grow day by day our portfolio of customers.
Why Kueski?
It's the perfect time to join the team and create, improve and implement strategies and processes to be successful.
"At Kueski we always learn from the best. We believe in Kueskiness and that's a lifestyle so even if you're not at the office people will know you are from Kueski. Our atmosphere is authentic because we are just us. I love being here because we're not afraid to learn from our mistakes."
Paulina Torres
Compensation & Benefits
"I like to think that what we do at Kueski has a real positive impact. The best thing is to work with a brilliant and creative team. We are always open to change and are really looking to be better every day."
User acquisition Director
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